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Dry Eye & Blepharitis

Dry eye is a very common cause of irritable eyes and is often associated with blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids). Both conditions can be very resistant to treatment. The specialists at Norwich Eye Consultants are very experienced in the management of dry eye and blepharitis, as well as other conditions that can have similar symptoms.

Treatments for Dry Eye include:

Artificial tear replacement therapiesArtificial tear replacement therapies

Punctum plugs (that prevent excessive tear drainage away from the eyes)

Environmental measures that increase humidity

Omega 3 and 7 supplementation

Treatment of underlying Blepharitis

Treatments for Blepharitis include:

Eyelid hygiene, which involves cleaning the eyelid margin with a moistened cotton bud or commercially available eyelid wipes

Warm compresses and lid massage

Antibiotics used either as eye drops or taken by mouth

Devices that are used to clear obstructed eyelid glands and remove accumulated debris from the lid margins

For further information see:

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